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Our goal is the put the right amount of money, into the right hands, at the right time.

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Our goal is the put the right amount of money, into the right hands, at the right time.

Being a family team, we consider all of our clients as family and treat them as such. A lot of our work you won’t see, but the care can’t be missed. Through servicing near to 800 clients over the past 14 years we have experience guiding families, singles, young couples, sole traders and large businesses with their personal and business insurance needs.

Life insurance can be a minefield. At the end of the day what we do is highly technical, but why we do it? Well that’s simple.

To protect you, your family and your business.


Personal Insurance   Business Insurance

Personal Insurance

If you didn’t know Life insurance is a blanket term for a few kinds of coverage. Each policy a unique and vital piece to a puzzle. Without receiving the right advice, you may think you're covered for something that you may not be. All we will say is “Do it once, and do it right”.

Life Insurance

Pays a lump sum upon death or terminal illness.

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TPD Insurance

Pays a lump sum if you can never work again.

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Trauma Insurance

Pays a lump sum upon diagnosis of a major medical condition.

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Income Protection

Pays a monthly benefit if you are sick or injured and can’t work.

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Business Insurance

At times, businesses require highly specialised advice when it comes to protecting key people and shareholders. Unlike general insurance we do not help protect things, we help protect people.

Key Person Insurance

Provides a lump sum to replace a key person or the revenue they generate in your business.

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Shareholder Insurance

Ensures that your family is paid fairly, in a timely manner for the shareholding you have worked so hard to build.

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Business Expenses

Pays a monthly benefit to cover your ongoing business expenses if you are sick or injured.

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