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Keyman Claims is how we deliver on our promise to put the right amount of money, in the right hands, at the right time.

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We are passionate about claims, it’s where our job really begins. 

Navigating the claims handling process yourself can be a minefield. From figuring out what to write on the piles of claim forms, to chasing up your accountant for financials or Doctors’ reports, we understand how confusing and nerve-wracking the process of making a claim can be.

Not to mention, claims often follow some of the most difficult events in life such as sickness, injury and even the death of a loved one. Many times, it is possible to have multiple claims going at once, making the process even more perplexing.

This is why we say that claim time is where our real work begins.

Keyman Claims provides a complete claims assistance service. We assist clients and non-clients alike with the claims handling process, from initiating the claim with the insurer to completing the paperwork with you, liaising on your behalf with the insurer and everything in between.

We understand how intimidating the claims process can be, and that is why with Keyman Claims you have direct access to the friendly Keyman team who will be your direct contact as opposed to being treated like a number by an insurer. 

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Our fees are fixed, affordable and transparent.

We don’t provide this service to profit, however it takes countless hours and hard work to ensure we get the outcomes our clients deserve.

That’s why we aren’t like any other claims advocacy service or lawyer. We don’t charge exuberant “no win no fee” amounts and we don’t bill hourly. Following our initial call, we will create a fee schedule tat is agreed upon by you prior to commencing any work or lodging any claims.

Moreso, a portion of this fee is allocated directly to Keyman Cares where it is put to incredible use supporting projects and mission across the globe.

KFS Recent Claims Paid



Reason for Claim

Total Amount Received

Warehouse SupervisorTPD CoverCardiac Failure$400,000
Light Manual WorkerLife CoverCar Accident$670,000
Truck DriverIncome ProtectionKnee Surgery$10,755
Financial ControllerLife CoverDeep Vein Thrombosis$3,136,106
Mooring ContractorTrauma CoverQuadruple Bypass$651,553
Manual WorkerIncome ProtectionParkinson's$1,100,000
Small Business OwnerTrauma CoverMS$284,166
Insurance BrokerTPD CoverVictim of Crime$310,826
HairdresserIncome ProtectionBroken Ankle$5,682
Panel BeaterIncome ProtectionTorn Rotator Cuff$89,460
AccountantTrauma CoverProstate Cancer$142,713
Computer ConsultantTrauma CoverMelanoma$564,000

Claims Process


Initial Call

Our Initial Call is an opportunity for us to understand your current situation better. It is the beginning of the process and the first thing we need to do before we can further assist. We will ask you about your current condition, your current insurance cover and together we will piece together a timeline, so we have a clear picture to present to your insurer. At this stage, we will contact your insurer (with your permission) to determine what wordings and definitions apply to your policies.


Claim Form Completion

We will arrange for one of our Claim Managers to complete the claim forms with you. We understand that paperwork is the last thing you feel like doing when you are sick or injured so we take this burden off you by coming along side you to do the paper together. We also assist with gathering all other required documentation and reports, including financials, medicals and other administrative documents.


Claim Assessment

We will lodge the claim forms on your behalf and will organise any other requirements that your insurer needs. We will keep you updated throughout this whole process.


Claim Decision

We will work with your insurer until we reach a result. We will work as hard as we can to ensure a positive result for your claim and if the claim should be declined, we will advocate on your behalf to facilitate a review of the decision and will stand by you until we receive a positive outcome.

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